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The ZinniaX team is a combination of experienced software/technology experts and healthcare industry experts.

The ZinniaX Team is a combination of experienced software/technology experts and healthcare industry experts. We combine our knowledge & expertise to create custom software solutions for the mobile healthcare industry.

As technology continues to evolve, more and more healthcare services are being delivered in the comfort and convenience of the patient’s home. Furthermore, more advanced procedures that traditionally needed to be performed in a hospital or ambulatory setting are being performed in the physician’s office. This shift is driving a massive increase of allied healthcare services that deploy a mobile work force. Intraoperative neuromonitoring, phlebotomy and others all bring their services to the patient. Managing the complexities of this model of resource utilization can be overwhelming and riddled with inefficiencies and dropped balls, and troubled by an inability to insure consistent quality of care and analyze business performance.

ZinniaX offers comprehensive solutions to solve these problem. Our software products leverage the most current technologies to dramatically increase staff productivity & effectiveness, eliminate errors, improve employee & patient satisfaction, & maximize revenue. 

ZinniaX Team

Ronak is the Managing member and CEO of ZinniaX. He is an entrepreneur and technologist at heart. He truly believes technology can change the world for the better, and that’s why for the past 17 years, He still take time out of day to be involved in day to day technology decisions. He envisions technology will drive huge shift how healthcare is done, and ZinniaX will play a great role in healthcare transformation.

Ronak obtained bachelor of engineering, Information technology from UVPCE. Ronak currently resides in Columbus, Ohio. He is always happy to meet other entrepreneurs and executives interested in technology.

Ronak Patel

Chief Executive Officer

Gene has been an entrepreneur in the healthcare sector for over two decades. He was a co-founder of Accurate NeuroMonitoring, a highly respected Intraoperative Neuromonitoring service that currently has over 100 employees and provides service in 11 states. Accurate NeuroMonitoring was also one of the first of its kind to obtain Joint Commission Accreditation, which has now become an industry standard. As past Chief Operating Officer of Accurate NeuroMonitoring, Gene brings his expertise and experience in creating effective and efficient systems that ensure high quality service and patient safety while maximizing efficiency and eliminating errors.

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Gene obtained his bachelors degree in biology from Montclair State University before attending Parker College of Chiropractic (now Parker University) when he was valedictorian and also earned a diplomate in neurology. He started his career in Intraoperative Neuromonitoring in 1999 with his first job at Physiologic Assessment Services (currently Medsurant). He co-founded Accurate NeuroMonitoring in 2006, building that business from a team of 3 servicing 3 surgeons to a team of over 100 employees providing service in 11 states. For nearly a decade, Gene served on the board of examiners of the American Board of Neurophysiolgic Monitoring (ABNM), helping to elevate the standards of the industry.

Gene L. Boucher

Director of Growth & Strategy

Yash is an entrepreneur and technology problem solver at heart who loves building teams and establishing strong long-term relationships with his clients. Over the past decade, Yash has helped many start-ups companies build successful businesses by partnering with them and creating custom technology solutions that solved their most challenging problems.

In 2010, Yash co-founded a custom software development firm called Sunflower Lab, with his long-time friend, Ronak Patel. Today, Sunflower Lab has over 75 employees and has completed over 200 projects that serve businesses in 12 different industries. Yash attributes that success to adherence to a set of core values that aim to fully serve clients with the highest quality, creativity and ingenuity over a broad spectrum of technologies.

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Yash decided to establish ZinniaX as a subsidiary of Sunflower Lab, after meeting Gene Boucher and working with him for over 2 years, creating a custom software solution for Gene’s intraoperative neuromonitoring practice. ZinniaX focuses on building custom software solutions that meet the unique business needs of the healthcare sector, creating software solutions for an entire industry rather than just one specific client. The software solutions that ZinniaX creates can save businesses untold amounts of time, money and effort by providing them with out of the box, yet highly customizable software that is intuitive and can be rapidly implemented.

Yash currently resides in New Jersey with his wife and one daughter.

Yash Patel

Director of Product & Development

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