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We are helping Healthcare Providers automate their business processes to increase efficiencies and unlock new potential.

You Have a Process. We Can Automate it.

More HealthCare providers of all shapes and sizes are turning to Robotic Process Automation, or RPA, to unlock new potential. A smarter, faster future is waiting. Are you ready?

Increased Productivity

An RPA bot can organize files, sift through large amounts of data, identify patterns, read files, and complete more rule-based tasks while your human employees can tackle more meaningful jobs.

Cost and time saving

RPA software saves you money on staffing costs by eliminating roles that can be filled by robots. They can also complete tasks faster and more efficiently than human staffers.

Greater Accuracy

Robots can achieve higher rates of accuracy and analysis which can bring down error rates and increased quality.


RPA system can be quickly scaled to handle large volumes of data when the workload spikes.

Streamlined Workflow

With automated systems in place, the workflows can be streamlined to run more smoothly.

Return on Investment

Introducing robotic process automation into your business operations can generate strong ROI in a short period of time.

Addressing the Problem.

The healthcare industry is facing a huge problem: Healthcare providers are using their knowledge workers for repetitive work and mundane tasks as if they were robots. These burdensome tasks prevent skilled caregivers from contributing the high-quality work they are capable of.

Finding the Solution

Treating humans like machines can be a thing of the past with the adoption of robotic process automation. Software bots can take over the mundane tasks that are so commonplace in the healthcare industry to save time, increase productivity, improve accuracy, and much more.

Example of Use Cases

One-third of all healthcare-related tasks are automated. Let robotic process automation take care your repetitive, yet essential healthcare operations.
  • Schedule Case (PDF To Create Case)
  • Send Daily, Weekly, Monthly Invoice to hospital
  • Reader & Tech Pay schedule
  • Monthly Patient Statement
  • Scan the claim for missing info and alert reader
  • Create patient letters
  • Create Pre-Authorization form by insurance
  • Payroll
  • Employee Onboarding
  • Reader Onboarding

Process Automation Service

RPA services for the healthcare industry are helping put the focus back on what truly matters. Better care is possible with robotic process automation services from ZinniaX.

Fully-Managed Digital Worker

We’ll create a custom digital worker to handle your specific tasks and workflows, providing value in weeks.

Flexible Scaling

Our DWM platform manages your digital workers in the cloud or on-prem and actively monitors and optimizes their performance.

Monthly Subscription

Zero implementation fees. License digital workers on a month-to-month basis.

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